Greenline Farms


It’s the Cat’s Flax

Behind each bag of Greenline Farms all-natural cat litter, there is passion, dedication, a deep love for animals, and a little bit of elbow grease. Since Robert and Marcia took over family operations in 2016, they have focused on providing a product that is a safe, cost-effective, environmentally-responsible, and an extra absorbent alternative to traditional cat litter. Greenline Farms cat litter is locally sourced, saves soil from long-term nutrient loss, and keeps your litter box drier and much less smelly - better for kitties and better for the environment!

Made In Saskatchewan, Canada

All-natural & Environmentally Friendly

Non-tracking & 99% Dust-free

Who are Greenline Farms?

Since Grandpa and Grandma Hungle settled in 1937, Greenline Farms has been a hard-working, multigenerational homestead. When Robert and Marcia took over family operations in 2016, Robert purchased a pellet mill and they combined their entrepreneurial spirit, connection to the land, and love of animals to create an environmentally-friendly product they are proud of.

Though things have changed since 1937, some things have remained the same - they are still dedicated, hard working, and passionate, a fact that is evident in every single bag of our all-natural cat litter.

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What is Flax Straw?

Flax is an ancient plant which can be traced back to Egyptian civilization. It was first planted in Canada in the early 1600s and is now grown for its oilseed on nearly 2 million acres of Canada’s prairie provinces.

Following the seed harvest, long tough straw remains in the fields. As flax straw does not decompose easily, the straw is often burnt in the field, so it won’t interfere with the equipment during spring seeding.

To save soil from long-term nutrient loss, Greenline Farms has developed a process to create an ultra-absorbent product from the flax straw and has compressed it into pellets. These pellets absorb nearly 4 times their weight in liquids and keeps it trapped within the fiber.

Greenline Farms Cat Litter is the most absorbent litter we’ve ever tried. I went from having to scoop the litter box multiple times a day, to cleaning it once every 2 days!

– Matt P.

I love supporting local businesses, and it’s so easy to do with a superior product like this! Keep up the great work guys!

– Justin L.