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Greenline Farms Story

Greenline Farms was built with passion, dedication, and old-fashioned hard work. Located near Dilke, Saskatchewan, the farm was originally settled in 1942 by my grandfather, Joseph Hungle, and his wife Katherine (also known as my grandma). My grandparents raised eight children on the homestead, including my father Ronald, who took over the family farm in 1970 when my grandfather retired. My mom and dad farmed together and grew their family by two sons and a daughter named Marcia (that’s me). Unfortunately, when I was just 10, we lost my mother. My father stayed on the farm and eventually remarried a lovely lady named Marlene – giving my brothers and I two stepsisters in the process.

In 2016, my father and stepmother retired, passing the responsibility of Greenline Farms along to my husband (Robert Barrand) and I. We felt a deep connection to the land and a responsibility to keep the homestead in our family. This commitment to the land, combined with our entrepreneurial spirit, led us to an exciting new venture. After my husband Robert purchased a pellet mill in 2016, we discovered the perfect way to combine our love for the farm with our love for animals.

Using flax straw sourced from neighbouring farms, we began producing environmentally responsible and extra absorbent flax pellet cat litter. The all-natural product provides cat owners with a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional clay-based litters that contain high levels of silica dust (known to cause feline upper respiratory issues after long-term use). Our cat litter also recycles locally-sourced flax straw, saving the by-product from being burned in fields and, as a result, saving the soil from long-term nutrient loss.

Not only is our litter all-natural and environmentally responsible, it’s also dust-free and extra absorbent (each pellet can expand to absorb 4 times its mass). Flax pellet litter also absorbs ammonia, reducing the harsh odour of cat urine - keeping your litter box drier and much less smelly! We pride ourselves on producing a superior quality cat litter that’s better for our kitties and better for our environment.

Though much has changed at Greenline Farms since my grandpa settled here in 1942, some things remain the same. We are still dedicated, hard working, and passionate - a fact that is evident in every single bag of all-natural cat litter that we proudly produce.

Marcia Hungle